Eight great ultra training tips.

Ultrarunning has a myriad of variables that go into prepping for a race. From training volume, long runs, hilly runs, heat training, nutritional decisions and seemingly endless equipment choices it can be easy to forget basic concepts that lay the foundation for every runner to be successful.  Head Coach of CTS Ultrarunning Jason Koop and author of Training Essentials for Ultrarunning shares 8 solid tips every ultrarunner, myself included, should know and not forget.D17DDAD8-E329-446D-84F0-B7DBD9CDA287

“Sure, I like advancements in nutrition and equipment but if an athlete tells me they would have won a race if only they’d had the latest hydro-gel or Kevlar shoelaces, I’ll tell them to take up a new sport. Simple things matter, a lot. And I would bet my last dollar the following 8 things, if done properly, are worth more than a specific gel, lightest shoes, newest equipment, advanced technology, fanciest recovery modalities and most ergogenic of all the ergogenic aids combined.”

Read on for his advice here:


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