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As I get ready to head out to Eugene Oregon for my first race of the season many things come to mind. All the hours of training I’ve put in, the ups and downs of the last few months and why I even do this to begin with.  We wall face challenges in not just running but in life.  I think these two articles sum up eloquently the courage of never giving up, to persevere against the odds and coming out the other side.

By Laura Kantor

Sixteen months ago, a friend helped me realize how self-defeating thoughts and behaviors were affecting every area of my life, including my running and racing goals. Running took a back seat last year while I did difficult work with my therapist to improve the rest of my life. Way Too Cool was the first race where it was apparent how far I have come and how much my mindset has improved.


April 29, 2016
Written by Andy Jones


Resurfacing April 29, 2016 Written by Andy Jones After 48 years of life I have come to realize that there are few pleasures greater than getting something back after you’ve lost it. Losing can be so sorrowful, so depressing, so definitive, that having the chance to get something back, having that golden opportunity to find again that which you’ve missed so much, can be at once rewarding and humbling. And, it can help us to be reborn.


Injury and recovery.

So I made it through my toughest running season relatively unscathed. I dealt with a few issues that required I scale back my training at times and simply stay in recovery mode between races. I tried to listen to my body and yet try to continue making progress throughout. It can be a tough balancing act and for the most part I think I managed it fairly well. However after my last race I took a short recovery period and as the beautiful fall weather beckoned me to hit the trails I did so with mid season vigor. This was to be a mistake. Soon I began feeling some discomfort in my ankles but I ignored the warning signs and kept running at a hard pace. Ultra runners as a group develop a high pain tolerance out of necessity. To be able to compete in long grueling races that can take 5,15 even more then 24 hours one has no choice but to toughen up. To learn to push through physical and mental pain comes with the territory. Once the pain in my ankle became severe and it swelled up I could no longer ignore it.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Pushing forward would have potentially brought on a more severe injury. So as I now take a break from running I’ve been contemplating what one can do to avoid such pitfalls. Much of it seems like common sense you read and hear about from various running sources but it’s always good to remind oneself of these guidelines. Here is one such article from Irunfar.com.

Recover Better: 10 Rules For Optimal Ultramarathon Recovery  By Joe Uhan.

A trail racing season comes to an end

With the completion of the Waldo 100k race my tired body will get a rest from any more long races this year.  This race was my third 100k race of 2015.  The Gorge Waterfalls 100k being the first and Quick Silver 100k the second.  If I include The Siskyou Out and Back 50 miler I completed my own personal grand slam.  Not even close to the Grand Slam of Ultra Running which entails running four tough 100 mile races in one year, but I am proud of my own accomplishment  regardless.  This being just my second year running ultras I almost bit off more than I could chew.  But that’s what drives many of us who run these challenging races.  To test ourselves physically and mentally.  To see what are limits are.

Trudging up a steep, rocky section during the Quicksilver race. So fun!

Trudging up a steep, rocky section during the Quicksilver race. So fun!

I’ll spend the coming months reviewing how my races went and try to figure out what went well and what didn’t. For example was my fueling strategies adequate, how was my running pace, do I need to concentrate more of my training on hills etc.  It is a good time to reflect not just on the past year but also what the future may hold.  I will start considering what races I may try to get into for next year.  Two races on my bucket list are Western States 100 miler and the Lavaredo 119km in The Dolomites of Northern Italy.  The stars will need to align just right to make either of these happen, but who knows. That’s the fun part of race planning. Imagining oneself taking on even greater challenges in new locales.

The Dolomiti along the Lavaredo ultra.

The Dolomiti along the Lavaredo ultra trail.

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