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UTMB race report by Denise Bourassa.

A great race report from Denise Bourassa on running her first and hopefully not last Ultra-Trail Du Mont Blanc.  She’s an example of one of many great runners living in my town of Bend, Oregon.  In particular I liked her mental preparation she wrote about as I personally believe that plays a huge role in ultra marathons.

Ultra-Trail Du Mont Blanc: Why 103 miles…because 100 miles won’t get you around the mountain!

Time and time again I am reminded as to why I am drawn to trail running and ultra trail racing.

UTMB– Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc. This race has been on my radar for a few years and because of the fan fare that follows this race it landed on my wish list of races to run.
What is the UTMB? It is a 103 mile race that takes place in the Alps across France, Italy and Switzerland. It boasts 30,000+ feet of climbing and it takes you ALL the way around Mont Blanc.

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